2018 Season

Forbidden Opera

Oct. 19 and 21

Goodman Auditorium – Illinois Holocaust Museum


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Featuring : William Roberts, Jenny Schuler, Alison Kelly and Gerald Frantzen

Piano: Anatoliy Torchinskiy.  

Violin: Agnieszka Likos.

Cello: Patrcyja Likos

Video design: Liviu Pasare




Holocaust Museum’s Goodman Auditorium. Tickets are now on sale.


The Korngold Initiative

Why not opera? Why not us? Why not Korngold?



In our ten years of translating and producing Viennese and German operettas, it was impossible to overlook the fact that literally all of these shows were created by Jewish composers or librettists. We also learned that nearly all of these artists were forced into exile, persecuted, or murdered during the years of the Third Reich.

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