The Circus Princess

Music by Emmerich Kálmán

Folks Operetta premiere in 2012 

Directed by Bill Walters. Conducted by Anthony Barrese.

The sThe  Circus Princesstory follows the mysterious Mr. X, a dashing circus performer, whose death-defying act is the talk of all Russia. Mr. X is hired by Grand Duke Sergius Wladmir, a jilted suitor of Princess Feodora Palinska, to pose as a Russian prince and marry her, in a ruse designed to entice the princess into marrying a “lowly” circus performer. But of course, as in any good operetta that features mistaken identity and intrigue, “Mister X” is in fact a prince who had been disinherited by his family years earlier. The music has all the classic touches of Hungarian melody and Viennese waltz that were hallmarks of Kálmán’s musical style as well as Russian-influenced songs and dances.

The Grand Duke